Frequently asked questions

Thrift Store

Can I write a personal check for my purchase?

Unfortunately, due to the number of bad checks written in the past, we have instituted a policy of not allowing the use of personal checks.

Can I get a refund for a previous purchase?

All sales are final, but if you have purchased something that does not work or has broke, you may bring it in for store credit.

Can I use my Debit or Credit Card for my purchases?

We are able to accept all major credit cards, debit cards that display either the Visa or Mastercard synbols. At this time we ar unable to accept debit cards without those symbols or EBT cards at this time.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we do have changing rooms so you can try on your clothing before making a purchase. ***** Please be advised that due to the Current Coronavirus Pandemic Procedures in place that our changing room is currently closed and we are unable to exchange or refund on any clothes sold during this time. *****

Do you have public restrooms?

We do not offer public restrooms, but we do have a sign on our front door listing near by establishments that may offer public restrooms.

Can I bring my donation into the store?

If you have a small donation, you are more than welcomed to bring it into the store. For larger donations or furniture, please follow the directions on our Donors Page to deliver your donation in the back.

Can I make a cash donation at the store?

All donations are welcomed, no matter the amount. For smaller cash donations, we have a Donation Jar on the counter you can deposit it into. For larger donations, please present your check to the cashier at the front counter.

Are my donations tax deductible?

We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Non-Profit, Charitable Organization designated as a 501(c)(3) Organization. If you have donated items to the store, reciepts are available upon request. For online donations, a reciept will be provided to you after each donation, through PayPal. For donations dropped off at the store or mailed in, you may request a record of your donations, during tax season through our Secretary. Jim McGuire (928) 753-4399

Can I receive a food box from the store outside Client Services hours?

We can offer a sack lunch at the front counter to help provide for a day if you did not make it in time for Client Services hours. Also, if you are a homeless individual we can also provide you with a special protein bag in addition to the sack lunch.

Can I request services that are handled by Client Services?

Store volunteers are not equipped or trainned to provide these services. Instead, they will direct you to our Client Services Page or give you our Emergency Assistance Line number of (928) 753-6449.

Who We Are

Who is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a renowned international Catholic lay organization whose sole purpose is to alleviate the suffering of the neediest in our communities by providing fellowship, prayer, food boxes, and clothing. We provide other services based on our financial abilities, when we can. The Society of St. Vincent de paul was established on April 23, 1833 by our founder Blessed Frédéric Ozanam in Lyon, Paris.

What is the structure of St. Vincent de Paul?

Every St. Vincent de Paul Society is connected to the International Chapter, through their individual conferences, which belong to districs, which belong to coucils, which belong to regions, which belong to country, then connected to the International Chapter.

Where is St. Vincent de Paul Located?

St. Vincent de Paul is located in just about every community that has a Roman Catholic Church. St. Vincent de Paul conferences are active in a community at the will of the local church. Our conference is established through the St. Mary Roman Catholic Church in Kingman, Arizona. For more information on our church sponsorship, please visit their website at:

Who Oversees Your Conference?

Our conference is sponsored through St. Mary Roman Catholic Church and is part of the Diocesan Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, located in Phoenix, Arizona. You can get information on our council or express issues or concerns to them, by visiting their website at:

Client Services

What services are offered through Client Services?

No matter our financial situation, we will always provide for the basics of fellowship, prayer, food boxes, and clothing. When funds permit, we will offer additional services based on your needs. You will need to go through Client Services to see if we can provide for your paticular need and if you qualify.

Can I get emergency assistance with my utility bills?

If we have funding available, we maybe able to provide nominal assistance with utility bills. First of all, do not go through Client Services for assistance for they do not handle utility assistance and this will only delay getting you the help you need. Instead, go to our Client Services Page and complete the request form after following the guidelines for assistance. You also may call our Emergency Assistance Line at (928) 753-6449 and follow the instructions.

Do you offer furniture to households?

When available, we offer furniture to needy households. Please use the Emergency Contact form on the Client Services Page or call the Emergency Assistance Line at (928) 753-6449 to be screened to see if you require a Home Visit or if you can go to Client Services for your need.

Is a Home Visit required for utility assistance?

Yes, a Home Visit is required for all utility assistance requests. If you have a disconnect notice dated prior to your scheduled home visit, contact your utility company and inform them of the date of your home visit. We have a good reputation with the utility companies and they will usually grant you an extension until we come out. If they require verification from us of your home visit, let us know and we will contact them.

How often may I visit Client Services?

You may visit Client Services anytime you find yourself in need. Please keep in mind that certain services may be limited and based on need.

How often can I receive emergency utility assistance?

Emergency utility assistance funding is limited and so that we can assist as many families as we can, this assistance is limited to once a calander year and is limited to $100.00.

Can I receive assistance on a disconnected utility?

We can not help pay for a utility once it has been disconnected.

Do you pay for rent or mortgages?

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for any kind of housing assistance or expenses. The only agency in the area that does help with these kinds of expenses is Wacog. You can get contact and brief program information for the on our Resource Page, just click on the button for our Resource Guide. You can also go to there website by following the link on our Links Page.

Do you offer any kind of Emergeny Shelter?

Emercy Shelter/Housing has very stringent guidelines to qualify and is only for a maximum of two nights. Most requests must go through Client Services during their normal hours, however if you find yourself in need of immediate Emergency Shelter you can subit an Emergency Request Form on our Client Services Page and select the Emergency Housing option or you may call (928) 530-6382 at anytime even if it is in the evening, on the weekend, or on a holiday. If you choose to call and there is no answer, leave your name and number and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Please note, any calls or messages not related to immediate Emergency Housing will be addressed on the evening of the next business day.

What fees are paid for on utility bills?

We can only pay service related fees and taxes. We cannot pay any portion of a bill that includes connection fees, deposit amounts, or late fees.